Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lochgelly East, NT29

Loch Gelly is an interesting spot because half of it is in NT19 and half in NT29. The split is immediately where I park so I can go either way. First couple of lunchtime forays though I have chosen the under-recorded NT29 square.

Among a routine set of species, mostly already recorded in NT29, I have found a couple of nice things. The first is Parmotrema perlatum, which I mistook for Hypotrachyna revoluta. The second is Ramalina fraxinea. The latter appears to be woefully under-recorded in Fife while the county is bordered north and south by blanket coverage of presence in every square. that probably tells its own tale.

Parmotrema perlatum

Ramalina fraxinea

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