Monday, 22 February 2016

NT19 - Mossmorran

A visit to Mossmorran produced a nice new-to-square duo of species (maybe more. I can't imagine NT19 is the most worked of squares)

Fuscidea lightfootii on Betula and Cladonia ramulosa on rotting Calluna stem/root. Also the delightful "Devil's Matchstick" - come onnnn. It's so cute! Cladonia floerkeana


C.ramulosa Pd incandescent scarlet

Fuscidea lightfootii

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cullaloe Epiphytes - Willow

Willow trees of several species support a range of lichens, both on twigs and on larger areas of trunk


Evernia prunastri

Fuscidia lightfootii

Hypotrachyna revoluta s.s. 

Hypogymnia physodes

Lecanora chlarotera

Lecidella elaeochroma

Melanelixia subaurifera

Parmelia sulcata

Phlyctis argena

Physcia adscendens

Physcia tenella

Xanthoria parietina

Monday, 1 February 2016

New Fife Lichen - Hypotrachyna revoluta

Bizarrely the first and second records for the species in quick succession, with the first found on a fallen Japanese Larch at Calais Muir Wood, Dunfermline and the second at Cullaloe LNR. There are records close to VC85 but not quite in it. It could be worth keeping an eye out for further east to see just how far inside the county it is. Both these sites are in NT18

Calais Muir Wood

Cullaloe LNR, note C+r medulla